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Are you looking for bigger forearms and more gripstrength?  Then look no further. Using the Redge Roll will give your forearms a pump like you’ve never experienced before.

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Are you looking for bigger forearms and more gripstrength?  Then look no further. Using the Redge Roll wrist roller will give your forearms a pump like you’ve never experienced before. According to most, wrist rolling is by far the best forearm exercise for developing forearm size and strength. It is to forearms what max weight pistol squats are to legs. The Redge Roll is beautifully turned from bamboo, has a 38mm diameter and is 40 cm long. The surface is treated with wax for durability. The Redge Roll is very friendly to the skin. When you hold one in your hands, you’ll know its value.

You can also attach the Redge Roll to a cable machine for various exercises

Dimensions and weight might slightly vary due to handcrafting process and the nature of the wood.

As seen in Geekclimber’s video

Additional information

Weight 0,35 kg
Dimensions 40 × 3,8 cm

19 reviews for Redge Roll – wrist roller

  1. H.J. Dijkstra

    Mobile tool to warm up with or get a fast pump when your session is over. As a featherweight i roll 4 times back and forward with a 7,5 kg weight and my forearms are fried! The Redge Roll looks good and the wood has a nice feel to it. I love it.

    Awesome tool! Cheers, guys.

  2. Geek Climber

    This an incredibly high quality premium product. I love how it feels on the skin, and how light it is but yet so sturdy at the same time. If you are serious about training for climbing, I highly recommend you to get one. Training wrist rolling is very underrated and definitely worth a try.

  3. Flip

    Bought it the other day. I love the bamboo products. Feels great, very smooth. Is a nice extra to my climbing training routine, especially with the lockdown it can use all the at home training there is. So i would definitly recommend!

  4. Stacey Royales

    I bought the wrist roller amongst most other products that RedgeClimbing sells during the first lockdown. As am active climber myself , I was going crazy with the walls being closed and worries about losing strength. Then I found these guys! As a business they are the most amazing and kind people I’ve ever ordered from! You can tell they genuinely care.

    When the roller came – it was amazing! So smooth!! It really does make you get a pump on rather quite fast! You can add any weight to it that you need and can use it in different ways to target different areas of muscle you want. I’m also a Personal Trainer, I use this during my PT sessions with clients as the forearm is something not many people actively train and all of them have loved it so far!

    I’m based in the UK and it came very fast! I would 110% reccomend these guys and their business to everyone and anyone!

  5. Nick (verified owner)

    Fine quality and nice design. Great tool to use for your forearms training.
    Delivery times and service are top notch.

    Goede kwaliteit en mooi ontwerp. Heel goed voor het trainen van je onderarmen.
    In Nederland een dag na de bestelling al binnen. Service is heel goed.

  6. Ed (verified owner)

    I’m based in the UK and the Redge roll arrived within a week of ordering, with updates from the seller to let me know when he had shipped it.

    It’s lightweight and sturdy (as mentioned in other comments) and definitely gets you a fast forearm pump. I also can’t overstate how sleek the design is.

    I would recommend this product to anybody seriously looking to incorporate forearm training for the sake of climbing or for workouts.

    Great stuff, chaps.

  7. Jan S. (verified owner)

    This is a very nice wrist roller that feels smooth and well made. The wooden bar feels much better than the rollers with foam handles that I am used to from climbing gyms.

    I do have average sized hands and I think that the wooden bar has just the right diameter (slightly larger than the roller in my gyms if I am not mistaken).

    Definitely worth it if you are looking for a quick forearm pump!

  8. frank (verified owner)

    Just arrived and used once so far. Forearms are on fire. Great product.

  9. Daniel Pinho (verified owner)

    I’m from Portugal and the package took about a week to arrive which is really not bad considering the times we all live in right now. For me the product is absolutely dope, i really needed to improve my wrists and forearms strenght and this definitely does the trick. Excellent customer service 👌

  10. Wes

    Nice product for building wrist stability. Great build quality with a clean design. Big shoutout to Tin for getting this shipped to the US for me.

  11. Olga

    I ordered this product because I saw it in a underarm workout video. I prefer the wooden version much more to other versions of this product made from plastic or steel. It just feels better on my skin and its more sustainable too.

    Another plus is the length. It is a little longer than other products I have seen, which allows for a healthy and ergonomic arm/hand posture. This is important for me since I’m not a climber but someone who is just trying to train their underarms to prevent joint pain. The diameter of the wrist roller is also superior to most cheap versions.

    I like that I can easily change the weight on this wrist roller and that it’s still durable and realiable.

    In general, if you’re thinking about ordering a wrist roller, I totally recommend getting this one instead a cheap fitness product from a bulk online retailer made out of plastic.

    I live in Austria and the shipping took about a week, which is great considering the distance and pandemic situation.

  12. Michael (verified owner)

    Fast shipment, durable, sustainable, sexy product and of course it does what its intended for! Would recommend it to everyone!

  13. Mario (verified owner)

    Very high quality, incredibly smooth and sturdy, non-wasteful packaging, unproblematic and fast shipping.

    Absolutely worth the premium over mass-produced plastic junk!

  14. Jimmy (verified owner)

    Great tool for strengthening forearms/wrists. Nice quality

  15. Fynes Simon (verified owner)

    Super nice product, I don’t climb but uses it in my forearms workout
    Effective, well made and the service was top notch 🙂

  16. Guy Borodensky

    Tin a seller is an amazing person, helped me to get the order straight to my country, and kept me updated with all the processes.
    The roller itself is super nice, an amazing workout for forearm growth, and would highly recommend it to everyone!

    Thank you:)

  17. Trey P.

    Got this to replace my cheapo Amazon wrist roller. Love how the Redge Roll has a silky smooth finish to the touch, very comfy to use. My physical therapist recommended this for my rehab program for my wrist injury, and so far this is helping me regain strength again. Thanks so much! Highly recommended!

  18. Juozas (verified owner)

    Great build quality, nice on the skin.

  19. KH (verified owner)

    I just recieved this. The look and feel to the wrist roller are both great. As for workout, I can already tell that it’ll be an indispensable tool for strengthning my grip, and I’m in no doubt that it’ll do wonders. The scervice is also great!

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