step up
your climbing game

30 days of wrist rolling by geekclimber


grass over wood

Our products are made from bamboo. Officially bamboo falls under grass, not wood. Bamboo is extremely hard, durable, light weight and more environment friendly than wood.

Human touch

Our products are individually handcrafted to perfection by transforming sheets of bamboo into the products they are now.

do it with passion

Redge products are designed with a passion for climbing. If you love climbing as much as we do, we're sure you'll love our products.

simplicity at its best

Our high-quality products are designed to do what they should do. Nothing more, but definitely nothing less. Simple timeless design made to last you a lifetime.

Save our planet

We sincerely care for our planet and hope you do too. That's why we keep sustainability in our mind from A to Z.